The 11th Shenzhen International Touchscreen Exhibition - the world's top annual event Touchscreen Exhibition

2013-12-03 admin1

  The 11th Shenzhen International Touchscreen Exhibition on November 25-27 at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center held as scheduled , as the world 's top annual event touchscreen exhibition , the exhibition for optical excitation Aitken attached great importance to expanding the company between exhibition depth exchanges and cooperation .

  As an international annual gathering of the world's largest touch areas and influential exhibition was founded in 2008 with innovative technology , touch the world as the theme of this conference will be " international, professional , high- level" meeting requirements, invited to Japan, South Korea , the United States , France, Britain , Germany, Finland and other European regions and mainland China / Taiwan, Hong Kong touchscreen industry giants , to discuss the exchange of Chinese "touch screen" of development opportunities. To help industry executives a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends in the global touch screen industry chain , but also to allow relevant equipment suppliers, material suppliers , IC suppliers , panel manufacturers , electronics manufacturers , design and research institutes on behalf of a more profound understanding of China the touch screen industry market , thus promoting the development of China touch screen industry.

  Comprehensive marketing strategy full contact exhibition , more radiation from the PRD to the country and the region professional buyers , so that exhibitors and overseas Chinese to develop more effective international market , an opportunity to strengthen and target buyers . Expansion With extensive experience in international exhibitions organized the exhibition , and with government and related associations working closely integrated touch screen industry resources to build a full- touch Expo 2012 the industry's most professional , high-level exchange platform for the industry to bring touchscreen more grand annual festival .