Coated glass SEMI standards

2014-08-21 admin1

The latest reports, recently many well-known domestic and foreign PV coated glass production enterprises and institutions to participate in the detection of SEMI standard "anti reflection coated glass technical requirements" for crystalline silicon PV modules formally approved the release,


the standard number SEMIPV47-0513, mark Chinese standard in the field of International Photovoltaic finally achieved a zero breakthrough. SEMI senior director JamesAmano said "new standards, work on the Chinese and SEMI standard has the sense of milepost type, but also embodies the global cooperation in recent years results."Standard "of crystalline silicon PV module with antireflection coating glass technical requirements" to develop the project SEMI, the Suntech company in 2010 started to prepare, support from the SEMI Chinese office and headquarters of SEMI, and in 2011 March in the SEMI North American Standards Technical Committee to obtain approval, became the first enterprise was proposed and approved by the China International Photovoltaic standard project, but also for the establishment of the "SEMI Chinese PV Standards Technical Committee" to lay the foundation of the.The SEMI standard in order to make the standard threshold is scientific and reasonable, Suntech company in the standard project after the joint Changzhou Almaden, state quality inspection center, photovoltaic products Beijing Aobo Thailand and other institutions established standard preparation group, according to the performance parameters of the market mainstream products, the standard drafts, and accumulated sufficient data through the verification test. In addition, the standard preparation group also relates to the technical problems of coated glass light transmittance and coating weatherability standard in-depth exchange of views by senior expert SEMI communication platform and from the German VetroSolar, PPG, DSM, USA Holland Taiwan PVGuide, Norway Teknova and other companies. After the 3 round of the global voting and constantly revised and improved, finally got the consensus draft standard global experts, and in 2013 March passed the SEMI Chinese PV Standards Technical Committee, becoming the first study by China enterprises and obtain the release of the International Photovoltaic standard.


SEMI photovoltaic international standard project since 2007 officially started, nearly 600 photovoltaic field of technical experts of the 22 working groups in the China, Taiwan, Europe, North America, Japan and other countries and regions, drafted and issued nearly 50 SEMI photovoltaic standard, relates to crystal silicon solar cells, components and the thin film assembly manufacturing equipment, materials and testing methods and other fields. SEMI formulated in photovoltaic standard process, give full play to the role of international cooperation platform, to promote the exchange of technology, make an important contribution to the industrial development.