Bowel etre photoelectric with multiple band pass filter exhibiting CIOE2010

2013-12-03 admin1

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Along with the computer operation speed increasing, all can be applied to the field of optoelectronic software development, promote the application of various types of filters, such as used in the automotive anti collision laser range finder filter, infrared touch screen and electronic whiteboard dual band-pass filter, 3D game three band pass filter. Multiple band pass filter is widely used in medical treatment

Health physical therapy and monitoring products, and a variety of more high-tech photoelectric device system.

The CIOE2010 exhibition, Shenzhen City bowel etre photoelectric Limited with multiple bandpass filter exhibition, booth No.: 9 hall 9479.

Applications: 3D glasses, infrared touch screen, health physiotherapy instrument, biological identification instrument. Dual source LED lights, infrared surveillance, video cameras, infrared electronic whiteboard, infrared cameras, infrared touch screen, iris recognition, medical instrument, infrared printing ink recognition system, CMOS chip package.