The 15th China International Hi-Tech Fair Electronics Show scheduled

2013-12-03 admin1

  The 15th China International Hi-Tech Fair Electronics Show ( hereinafter referred to as ELEXCON ) on November 16 to 21 held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 2 . Which stimulated business Aitken depart ELEXCON depth business exchanges .

  Show organizers creative era , responsible person , this ELEXCON will bring together nearly 300 exhibitors, in addition to highlight a variety of new components, materials and equipment in the field of consumer electronics, traditional electronics , IT and network communications , etc. applications , but also will show industrial robots, intelligent sensing and global emerging markets and other interactive latest solutions . In addition , a large number of domestic and foreign manufacturers of industrial robots will also be added to one of the highlights of the show.

  In addition to the wonderful showcase cutting-edge technologies and solutions , ELEXCON continue to hold the Eighth International Passive Components Technology and Market Development Forum , the Tenth China Mobile Manufacturing Technology Forum 2013, industrial robots and factory automation forum and a series of high-quality, Forward-looking high-end forum. By then the show will bring together dozens of senior analysts, technology and the industry's elite for the development of the electronics industry suggestions.