Application of infrared technology

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At present, as a high-tech infrared technology, laser technology and occupy it racing together bridle to bridle, play a decisive role in military affairs. Infrared imaging, infrared detection, infrared tracking, infrared, infrared warning, infrared countermeasures is very important tactical and strategic means in the modern and future war. In the later 70 years, military infrared technology and the gradual conversion to the civilian sector. Infrared heating and drying technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, medical, transportation and other industries and sectors.


Infrared temperature measurement, infrared moisture measurement, infrared physiotherapy, infrared detection, infrared alarm, infrared remote sensing,


infrared security is the use of advanced technology industries competing. Infrared thermal imaging technology marks the latest achievements of infrared technology, which together constitute the three sensor system with radar, television, especially the use of focal plane array technology, will make it develop into can be comparable with the eyes staring system.In 1672, Newton used the prism of the sun's light (white light) is divided into red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple and other colors of monochromatic light, prove that the sun light (white light) is composed of a variety of colors of light composite. In 1800, British physicist F. W. Hashel from the hot point of view to study various colors, accidentally discovered a thermometer in the light red outside, numerical higher than other color temperature indicator. After repeated tests, the so-called heat high temperature region the most, is always at the edge of the outside light red. And he announced: radiation from the sun in addition to visible light, there is an invisible "hotline", this invisible "hotline" at the red light outside,


infrared ray. The infrared ray, also known as infrared radiation, is the wavelength of 0.78 ~ 1000 μ m of electromagnetic wave. The wavelength of 0.78 ~ 1.5 μ m as part of the near infrared, wavelength of 1.5 ~ 10 μ m as part of the mid infrared, wavelength of 10 ~ 1000 μ m as part of the far infrared.

The wavelength of 2 ~ 1000 μ m part, also known as thermal infrared.Infrared light is the sun in a large invisible light, is one of the most electromagnetic wave radiation widely exist in the nature, which in the electromagnetic continuous spectrum position is between radio waves and visible light region. The infrared radiation is, based on any objects in the conventional environment will produce its own the atoms and molecules of the irregular movement, constantly radiates infrared energy. Molecular and atomic motion more and more severe, radiation energy is larger; on the contrary, the radiation energy is smaller.