1064nm narrowband filter

Shenzhen excited etre photoelectric limited supply of 1064nm narrow-band filter, filter, optical filter and optical lens professional manufacturers, widely used in various types of spectral measurement, biochemical analysis instruments and optical experiments and industrial areas.


Narrow band filter is a major role in light of a specific wavelength through, let the other wavelengths of the light reflection ( or attenuation) of optical components. Half wave width is usually controlled in 20nm or smaller, ultraviolet, visible light, near infrared wavelength, far infrared band

Product features:

1064nm narrowband filter, wavelength positioning accuracy, high, deep cut-off, temperature drift of small, good durability, good smoothness characteristics;

Material: K9 glass, quartz glass


Incident angle: 0 °

Diameter: 10mm +0.0/-0.1mm

Surface: 1.5 -2.5 wavelength wavelength @632.8nm

Finish: 4

The center wavelength of +/-2nm: 1064

Bandwidth: 8 +/-2nm

More than 75%

The cutting depth: T<10-4@X ray -1200nm

Technical parameters:

Material: float glass or quartz glass

Incident angle: 0 °

The center wavelength: 1064nm ± 2 ( also can be customized according to customer requirements, the current Division I do 250nm~1500nm arbitrary wavelength )

Half high width: 10nm/15nm/20nm/30nm

Peak transmittance: T>85%

The cutting depth: OD3-E

Aperture ( mm ): customized according to customer requirements

Durability: 90% relative humidity, 65℃ for 250 hours

In 70℃ ~-40, loop test 10 hours

Other requirements: custom-made according to the customer request.

Points for attention in use:

1 when using please wear finger sets, not a finger directly touch the lens surface, so as to avoid residual finger affect lens optical effect.

2 if the lens surface is dirty, available clean cloth or paper with an alcohol wipe the lens surface. Not available surface is coarse cloth or paper or wet wipe, otherwise it will damage the lens surface.

3 check the light path adjusting the optical axis, please do some protection.

Application areas: narrowband filter is in all kinds of glass surface by a special coating process and the formation of the optical element, can from the incident light wavelength selecting any demand, half peak between 5nm~50nm in general; narrow band filters also can be replaced if the grating as expensive optical devices, widely used in various types of spectral measurement, biochemical analysis apparatus and optical experiments and industrial areas.


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