NBP440nm narrowband filter

Shenzhen City shock etre photoelectric limited supply of 440nm narrowband band pass filter, optical filter, the products are widely used: 440nm, 440nm Blu-ray diode lasers, medical instrumentation, fluorescence microscopic analysis apparatus, a tunable laser, ink recognition and other products, good quality, excellent price, welcome to buy!!!


Band pass filter is a surface plating with film, another surface with antireflecting film.

Product size:

1) 11mm ×14.0mm ×1.1mm

2) the diameter of 25.4± 0.1× 1.1± 0.1mm

3) 7.0mm ×7.0mm ×1.10mm

4) can be customized according to customer demand

Material: K9

Through the " 90% rate

The cutting depth: OD6

Incident angle: 0 ° or to 45°

Surface quality: 40/20

Aperture >90%

Wavelength with temperature: <0.25nm/ ℃

Damage threshold: 300MW/cm ²CW, 1J/cm ²pulsed

Product type: GI-BP440-40

Material: optical glass (in line with the ROHS environmental protection )

The center wavelength of 440nm ±2nm

The center wavelength transmittance >85%

Peak transmittance of >85%

Bandwidth: 40nm ±2nm

Cutoff region: 200nm~400nm, 500nm~1100nm

The cutoff rate: T<0.1%

Appearance: 60/40


Monolithic without the use of glue.

Glass thin, only 1.1mm thickness

Plated with hard, long service life,

Wavelength accuracy

Ion plating, low temperature drift

High penetration rate,

High cut-off depth

Application fields:

440nm band-pass filter

Double name: blue narrow band filter

440nm laser

440nm blue light diode

Medical instrumentation

Fluorescence microscopic analysis apparatus

Tunable laser

Ink identification

Band pass filter for color consistency, film stability: salt mist corrosion testing of the surface by the GB/T10125 standard surface technology test center authority test, Shenzhen City bowel etre photoelectric Limited not only supply the band pass filter, also supply all kinds of optical cold processing products : various specifications of IR-CUT ( infrared cut-off filter, broadband gain ) permeability (R-Coating ) membrane, a band pass filter of high reflective film, reflective film for optical communications, half coated crystal coating gold-plated ( silver mirror, aluminum ), ultraviolet reflector, color filter, red green blue three basic colour filter.

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