Narrow band filter

Shenzhen City shock etre photoelectric limited supply of narrow band filter, filter, optical filter and optical lens professional manufacturers, products widely used in various types of filter spectral measurement, biochemical analysis instruments and optical experiments and industrial areas.


Giai photnics co. , ltd

Giai photnics co. , ltd


Product characteristic: narrowband filter main function is to make the passage of light of a specific wavelength, let the other wavelengths of the light reflection ( or attenuation) of optical components. Half wave width is usually controlled in 20nm or smaller, ultraviolet, visible light, near infrared wavelength, far infrared wave band . My company's narrow bandpass filter using multilayer epidural by ion assisted deposition of nanometer materials and high vacuum evaporation coating, good compactness, high imaging definition.

Product specifications: 365nm narrowband filter /380nm filter, 394nm filter, 405nm filter, 420 nm narrowband filter, 430nm filter, 440nm filter, 450nm filter, 465nm filter, 470nm filter, 490nm filter, 520nm filter 532nm filter, 546nm filter, 550nm filter, 560nm narrow band filter, 570nm filter, 580nm filter, 590nm filter, 600nm filter, 620nm filter, 635nm narrow-band filters, 648nm filter, 654nm filter, 660nm filter, 670nm filter, 690nm filter, 720nm filter, 740nm filter, 760nm filter, 780nm filter, 808nm 810nm narrow-band filter, narrow band filters, 830nm filter, 845nm filter, 850nm filter, 860nm filter, 870nm filter, 880nm filter, 905nm filter, 940nm filter, 980nm filter, 1000nm filter, 1050nm narrow-band filters, 1064nm filter, 1080nm filter


Monolithic without the use of glue.

Plated with hard, long service life,

Wavelength accuracy

Ion plating, low temperature drift

High penetration rate,

High cut-off depth

Application fields:

Fluorescence analyzer, enzyme mark instrument, cable television to upgrade equipment, wireless transmission equipment, mobile phone bar code scanning, infrared electronic whiteboard, infrared cameras, infrared touch screen, iris recognition, medical instrument, infrared ink recognition, red film recognition, face recognition sensor system. Handheld infrared laser rangefinder, laser range finder, optical instruments, medical equipment and testing apparatus.