Purple filter

Purple filter, mainly used for light LED flashlight filter


Bowel etre photoelectric producing all kinds of flashlights with filter, filter: a filter is mainly used for light purple, LED flashlight filter.


1) red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple color varieties complete

2) transmission loss is small, suitable for 1W, 2W, 5W, 10W flashlight

3) comparison of color is accurate, the wavelength control.

4) using ion beam high vacuum multilayer dielectric deposition technology

5) the film adhesion, resistance to scratching the ability.

Optical indicator:

The band: 380nm-420nm, 450nm~700nm

As of depth: T<1%

Peak by: T>85%

Application fields:

Airport guidance signal flashlight

Camping signal source

Reading light field

Common large power LED or LD flashlight only white color, with color film after only a light energy loss, itself, if the color temperature orange light of the poor, will reduce the light energy, waste energy. Projection distance will also be greatly reduced. Bowel etre photoelectric production of various color temperature orange, designed for low power consumption design, effectively improve the projection distance, bid farewell to the traditional using ordinary optical machine do Symphony film era. Using ion assisted deposition, Taka Shinzora, the domestic top-level Witt Nanguang electron beam evaporation, imported crystal controlled less than nanoscale control technology. Various color temperature orange to air navigation light level. Color light role: the visual system or animal visual system, the light sensitive, such as turtles and other reptiles by 360nm~420nm after UV irradiation can promote the healthy growth of appetite, some animal on Blu-ray insensitive, to love reading friends can aim on the target or the wild, can use these light used to do signal.

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