650nm band-pass filter

Selected band of light through, outside the pass band light cutoff. The optical indicator is the main center wavelength ( CWL ), half the bandwidth ( FWHM ). Divided into narrowband and broadband. For example, narrow band 808 filter NBF-808 . Shenzhen City bowel etre photoelectric Limited, the supply of 650nm band-pass filter, filter, products widely used in biological and medical treatment, biological recognition, ink recognition, LED light source, laser measurement, optical instruments.


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The 650nm narrow band pass filter is in fact the band pass filter, in order to cope with the vast number of users interests and renamed as. The majority of users, especially the laser measurement of stray light, range finder user requirements and is not too high, so long as can filter out 85% of the light is enough, therefore it is suitable for semiconductor laser, does not participate in the imaging apparatus and equipment and custom. Also according to the special needs of customers are glued or applied anodic aluminum sleeve for special purpose.

Optical indicator:

The center wavelength: 650 ± 2nm

Transmittance: T>91%

Bandwidth: 40nm

Stop band 400nm-620nm


The cutoff rate: T<0.1%

Product features:

Imports of ultrathin optical glass, high permeability, good smoothness, thickness tolerance, good flatness, optical properties

Imported coating equipment ion sputter coating process, with the film work of high spectrum of solid, good uniformity, stable performance characteristics such as the central wave

Professional manufacturers, and ensure product stability and consistency!

Quality assurance, delivery timely, excellent prices

Other dimensions:





Application fields:

Red laser container measuring instrument,

Bar code scanner

Desk type bar code scanner

Laser measuring instrument

Red LD laser pumping

Red laser diode

IR rangefinder

Fingerprint identification instrument