Black infrared PC plate

Black infrared PC plate, this product is not the coating process, by the PC material compression molding, the products are widely used in financial instruments.


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Product features:

This product is produced with special PC material compression molding, can absorb visible light, infrared transmitting.

The product has certain flexibility, can impact force, is not easy to be broken, can be processed into arbitrary shape, round, square, triangle, trapezoid, with long, round, patterns, letters, numbers, patterns of different shapes, price concessions, quality and reliable, wide application.

Application fields:

This product is suitable for television and infrared remote control, video game and other remote control infrared receiver window, PC portable computer, mobile phone external infrared data transmission, and security cameras and special bar, KTV and other engineering decorative sheet.

Special type miniature camera or special purpose camera and data transmission.

Can also be applied to: products used in various types of security, automobile infrared camera, computer infrared data transmission, mobile phone infrared interface, intelligent home appliances and office equipment infrared receiver.

Optical indicator:



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