IR Filters


●Product Description

Transmitting the IR energy and blocking the visible light at wavelengths 400nm-700nm.

X-Nite Infrared filters block all visible light letting only infrared light pass. Cutoff is 630nm, 665nm, 715nm, 780nm, 830nm, 850nm and 1000nm.  These filters are for use on cameras that are infrared sensitive.  Filters are constructed of optical precision ground and polished glass.  They appear completely black to the human eye.  If you hold the 830nm and 850nm filter up to a bright light, you will see the light filament faintly.  If you hold the 1000nm filter to a bright light, the filter will appear completely opaque.

●Filter Description


The X-Nite filters are great for viewing under complete darkness if you have an infrared illuminator.  Blocking visible light enables you to achieve correct focus since infrared light and visible light have different focusing characteristics.

The X-Nite filters have many industrial and factory inspection uses.  Many manufactures use an infrared filter to see through objects that are not visible to the naked eye, for water detection and low light detection.  Water absorbs specific wavelengths as do other fluids.  By using an infrared filter, you can create an automated system to detect if a container has been filled.  By using an infrared filter, you may be able to see through labels to detect fluid or the presence of a foreign object.

The X-Nite filters can be used for many covert security and surveillance applications.  Using an X-Nite filter in conjunction with an infrared light source and infrared sensitive camera,  you can see in complete darkness.

The X-Nite filters can be used by hunters searching for game at night.  Not only does the filter let the hunter remain inconspicuous, but the animal tends to reduce motion as the infrared light provides slight warmth.

The X-Nite filters can be used in baby monitoring applications.  Using an infrared light source, the parent can view the child in complete darkness without having to turn on a light and disturb child.

The X-Nite filters are also useful for infrared photography.  Infrared camera film is not only extremely high speed, but also pictures often look quite different when viewed in the infrared range.  You may be able to see through clouds, detect forged documents, see normally invisible images,  crime scene analysis, Kirlian (Kirlian) photography and create dramatic pictures.




Glass Type : Precision Ground
Material Thickness: 3mm, 2mm or 1mm
Surface Quality: 60-40
Visual Color: High Red (630nm and 665nm); All others are Black
Range: High Red to Infrared
Military Specification: MIL-PRF-13830B